Vygon Plexygon Nerve Stimulator for Peripheral Nerve Blocks


The plexygon nerve stimulator is a compact device allowing nerves localization by
the emission of a low intensity electric current.

• Easy identification of the intensity of the electrical stimulus:
– Clear digital display, large screen for easy reading.
– An audio indicator with several tones allows audio detection of the intensity delivered via the needle.
• Easy programming of the options with the “Mode” button.
• Predefined settings of pulse duration.
• Ergonomic shape allows easy handling.
• Elevated screen higher than the base of the case to facilitate reading, even in poorly lit surroundings.
• Choice in the way intensity is set
– Rotating button, allowing rapid adjustments.
– Lateral button for sterile use, with a protective hood.


• Continuous control of the electrical signal
– The device permanently controls the electrical signal delivered. It rapidly and automatically compensates
for any potential differences between the current selected and the current delivered, so that the screen
always displays the current actually delivered. If the device can not compensate, the figure on the screen
will blink.
• Alarms
– Alarms indicate an excessively low battery charge or a break in the circuit.
– The “Safety” button is used to reset the current to zero, while preserving the parameters selected.
• Precision
– The double decimal digit display is automatically activated below 0.5 mA, by increments of 0.02 mA.



Length: 200mm
Width max: 93mm min: 57mm
Heigth max: 40mm min: 23 mm

Pulse frequency: 1 – 2 – 4 Hz

Pulse width: 50 – 100 – 300μs


0.1mA increment above 0.5mA
0.02mA increment below 0.5mA

Maximum intensity of charge:
At 50μs: 6mA or 300nC
At 100μs: 5mA or 500nC
At 300μs: 4mA or 1200nC

Battery: 9 V