Vexma ERVA 2 Portable Ventilator


ERVA 2.0 is Portable Medical Ventilator is suitable for Pediatric & Adult Patients. ERVA 2.0 is also a Non-Invasive (NIV) & Invasive Ventilator. The device can be used for both Pediatric & Adult Patients. ERVA 2.0 is also Emergency Mechanical Ventilator

ERVA Portable Ventilator is providing mechanical Ventilation too. It is a simple setup device that has an Automatic Bag Valve Mask (BVM) system. Any health care personnel can Operate easily with minimal training.


ERVA 2 Portable Medical Ventilator can be set up easily with Tidal Volume, Inspiration to expiration Ratio, respiratory rate & PEEP. There are audio-visual alarms & an Emergency stop button for patient safety. It’s compact and has a user-friendly interface that has 8 hours of power backup. Erva can be used to save lives in emergency situations due to the unavailability of Manual Ambu bags & ICU Ventilators.

Its robust design provides continuous airflow to adult & Pediatric patients in the Covid-19 or other respiratory-related illnesses. It can be used with or without oxygen in line as per the patient’s need.

ERVA 2 Medical Ventilator Key Features


Plug & Play Device


Auto Calibration


Emergency Stop


Upto 8 Hrs Power Backup


24*7 Operation