Cardiolabs Anesthesia Work Station Cflow-9C


  • Three Gas Anaesthesia Machine with provision for 02, N20 & Air
  • Main Driving gas can be air, hence reduce running cost of oxygen
  • Smart Gas Shift Technology: In case main Air gas fails, auto shift to secondary gas O2
  • Five Tube flow meter assembly with Anti Hypoxia Guard with N,O shut off in case O2 fail
  • Advance ventilator with full range of modes VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, Manual, Standby
  • 9 Inch Color Touch screen for display waveforms (PT, FT, VT ) & Loops (PV, FV)
  • Advanced proportional valve technology with tidal Volume compensation & precise flow
  • Control to ensure accurate ventilation delivery from 20mI-2000ml
  • Lithium ion Battery backup 3 hours
  • Electronic PEEP & Fio2 Monitoring
  • Switchable Auxiliary Common gas outlet ACGO)
  • Emergency oxygen flush flow between 35 to 70 LMP
  • Twin Selectatec type vaporizers manifold with interlock system
  • Inbuilt Pin Index Yokes for 02 & N20
  • Inbuilt Dual Drawers with big storage space
  • Integrated circle observer (1.5L) with APL Valve and manual/Vent switch