BMC RESmart GII Y-30T BIPAP System, with simple operation, provided clear and intuitive understanding of yourself.

An intelligent technology, featured in the RESmart GII series, delivers automatic solution for patients with OSA and/or respiratory insufficiency. Aligned with same platform as RESmart GII BPAP System, Y series adapt pressure automatically to patient’s needs and provide a better synchronization.

It has complete practical functions : delay time, air leakage compensation, Reslex, auto on and off, etc. Advanced air leakage compensation promises adequate volume support. Ti Control, I/E Sense and ramp time guarantee better ventilation synchronization.

iCode data management function, Compliance data is encoded by QR code.

It has a 3.5-inch color LCD screen to display important parameter information in real time.

Pressure support automatically adjusts according to target tidal volume as to improve hypoventilation.

With eco smart heating technology, the humidifier can realize district heating, reduce energy consumption and maximize the humidification effect.

With a perfect after-sales team, you can use it without worry.


Targeted Volume
Professional data management
Eco smart heating technology
Real time display of parameter information
Perfect after-sales guarantee