Oxymed’s respiratory and sleep devices are recognized by some of the top doctors in India for their therapeutic benefits and design excellence.

Oxymed’s i-series has helped thousands of patients in India to sleep better, feel better and live a better life. These quiet, easy-to-use, travel-friendly devices, combined with Oxymed’s well-fitted Nasal Mask help deal with Sleep Apnoea for a good night’s sleep, happy, healthy, and energetic life.

  • 2 Years warranty
  • CE 0123 Certified
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Registered



Model Name Oxymed BPAP
Model no i Series P1
Modes CPAP, S mode, T mode, S/T mode, VAT mode and PC mode
Pressure Range IPAP-4-30cm H2O
Pressure Range EPAP-2-25cm H2O
Pressure accuracy +/-0.2cm H2O
Respiratory rate 0-30 BPM
Tidal Volume 200-1500 ml
Ramp Time 0-45 mins (5 minute increments)
I:E Ratio 1:4
Max Operation Pressure 30cm
Humidification Level 1-5 levels (113 to 185 ° F/23 to 85 °C)
Rise Time 1-6 levels
Data storage capacity 16GB USB disk
Weight 1 . 1 Kg without humidifier, 1 . 9 Kg with humidifier
Mean Sound Level < 30 dB
Mask Full Face Mask
Leak Compensation 60LPM
Peak Flow 180LPM
Alarms High Pressure, Low MV, Low TV & Leak
Data management Yes ( 1day, 7 days and 30 days) of detailed data stored in the device