ESLEH WD 01 Stair Climbing Electric Wheelchair

Original price was: ₹195,000.00.Current price is: ₹110,000.00.


  • Easy operating, it can climb up and down stairs smoothly and steadily by track.
  • It won’t glide or fall down when stop on the stairs.
  • The chair has “Emergency Stop Button”, very safe and reliable.
  • Circuit is inside the pipe, waterproof, long life time, motor is no noise during operating.
  • The installation position of the battery is in accordance with international standards, not close to the body, make users feel more comfortable.
  • With 4 wear-resistant rubber wheels, the chair can use as a wheelchair on the ground.
  • The chair is equipped with vest type ,metal buckle straps, to ensure the safety during transport.
  • Made of aluminum alloy, foldable, compact and lightweight.
  • The electric stair chair is widely used in the home for the old people, school security, hospitals, hotels etc for emergency evacuation. 


Technical specifications:

• Battery 24v V 26 AH (lithium ion Battery)

• Electromagnetic brake

• Motor : DC 200 watt , 24V , High quality , No noise

• Frame Material : Aluminium alloy

• Seat material : PVC

• Speed : 45 steps per minute

• Load bearing capacity : 160 kgs