Enertech Maxima Electro Surgical Generators


Enertech providing it’s widest range of high performance state of the art COST EFFECTIVE Electro Surgical Generators available today in the market. The machines come with Instant Tissue response technology and Tissue impedance measurement systems. These models offer top of the line features like 99 program modes, multiple blend modes, endo cut facility, best monopolar cutting and coagulation performance with precision controlled bipolar output and host of safety features with adherence to EC 60601 guidelines. The range also includes low cost analog models for price conscious customers.   

Max Power                                       :              400W.

Interface                                           :              Touch Screen.

Programs                                          :               100.

Monopolar Cut Modes                    :               Pure Cut, Precise Cut, Blend 1, Blend 2,

                                                                          Blend 3, Blend 4, Blend 5, Endocut 1,

                                                                          Endocut 2, Endocut 3.

Monopolar Coagulation Modes      :              Coarse Spray, Fine Spray, Dessicate,

                                                                         Coarse Fulgurate, Fine Fulgurate.

Bipolar Modes                                  :              1 Bi-cut, Macro, Micro.

Tissue Response Circuit                 :              Present. 

Patient Plate Monitoring System    :              Present. 

Dimension (WxHxD) & Weight        :              300 mm x 150 mm x 340 mm & 5.5 kg.