Enertech Ensurg 400 Pro Electro Surgical Generators


Ensurg 400 Pro is a micro controller based model with all the required features. Full power output at low cost. This is the right model for the customers who required basic 400w micro controller based model with 20 programs.

Max Power                                       :              400W.

Interface                                           :              7 Segment LED Digital.

Programs                                          :              20.

Monopolar Cut Modes                    :              Pure Cut, Blend1, Blend2, Endo Cut.

Monopolar Coagulation Modes      :              Spray, Dessicate, Fulgurate.

Bipolar Modes                                  :             Micro, Macro, Cut.

Tissue Response Circuit                 :              Present. 

Patient Plate Monitoring System    :              Present. 

Dimension (WxHxD) & Weight        :              300 mm x 150 mm x 340 mm & 5.5 kg.