Aeroscan CD E-Lite Digital Colour Doppler Ultrasound



Excellent Diagnostic Excellent Productivity

Aeroscan’s CD E-Lite Recreates better Solutions for efficient patient Care & extremely easy & good user experience.

Advanced Technology

1. Digital Multi-Beam forming
New generation beamforming algorithm, supports multiple parallel beam processing, & integrating adaptive phase correction, dynamic aperture, greatly improves resolution and frame rate.


2. eHI – Harmonic Imaging
eHI launches a reverse wave to offset the fundamental wave, thus maintains the maximum harmonic wave. With the increased harmonic signal, the image is defined by a better contrast resolution with minimum artifacts.

3. TAI – Tissue Adaptive Imaging
According to the actual ultrasonic signal in the organization being inspected, B mode and Color mode parameters are automatically adjusted. Different proficiency operators can work in a very short time to obtain excellent consistent scanning results, improving scan efficiency.Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Advanced Technology - TAI-Tissue Adaptive



4. eSRI – Speckle Reduction
eSRI is efficient noise technology that suppresses speckles completely, increasing signal-to-noise ratio and reflecting speed. It eliminates the inherent noise spots & greatly improves the image clarity & contrast resolution which provides more reliable diagnostic images.

5. SCI – Compounding Imaging
By steering the ultrasound beam, SCI is used to improve the contrast resolution, strengthen border detection, combined with a dramatic reduction of tissue speckle.


1. Trapezoid Imaging:
Use trapezoid image to enlarge the imaging area by 30% when performing a real time scan by using linear probes.
Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - Trapezoid Imaging



2. Needle Visualization
It positions the ultrasound beam perpendicular with the needle, in order to enhance the signal strength deflected off of the needle. It Displays the needle brighter and more clearly on the screen, to help biopsy diagnoses be more operable and precise.
Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - Needle Visualization



3. TDI mode-Tissue Doppler Imaging
TDI can provide velocities and other clinical information on myocardial functions, facilitating clinical doctors to analyse and compare motions of different parts of a patient’s heart.

4. Anatomic M mode
This advanced cardiac technology features three cursors which can be set at any position and angle simultaneously. It offers the best approach to reducing the time-per-patient while maintaining diagnostic precision in addition to the standard cardiac features, acquiring all information even in hard-to-scan situations with difficult heart positioning.

5. Advanced ET Technology
CD ELITE provides efficient technology and a FOV of 200 degrees for scanning the Uterus with more precision and ease.

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - Advanced ET Technology



6. 3D/4D Imaging
e-Face is One key optimization of 3D image; it greatly increases the scanning efficiency and time.Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - 3D/4D Imaging

Smart Workflow

Aeroscan’s CD E-Lite is well crafted to cater the today’s fast evolving healthcare practices.


Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - TDI mode-Tissue Doppler Imaging


1. Full Screen Zoom
   Provides Full screen display utilizing the monitor size.

2. eLearn Instruction software
   eLearn instruction tool is an offline basic scanning tool provided on the machine for the users to retouch knowledge on scanning techniques.Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - Auto IMT



3. Auto Doppler trace
   Provides automatic tracing for PW Doppler waveform.

4. Auto IMT
After selecting an area containing Intima-Media Thickness (IMT), the ultrasound machine can trace and take measurements of the. IMT automatically, just at the touch of a single button.

Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - Auto IMT



5. B mode one-key Optimization
Konica Minolta's CD E-Lite - Features - B mode one-key Optimization

Technical Specifications

Display: 21.5” HD LCD medical monitor

Touchscreen: 14” touch screen with 20°adjustable tilt

Scanning Mode: Electronic Convex / Linear / Phased / Convex VolumeArray

Imaging Mode: B, Dual B, Quad B, THI, M mode, Colour Doppler, PDI/DPDI, PW Doppler, CW Doppler, TDI, HPRF, CW, Anatomic M mode, Dual-Live, Duplex and Triplex mode, Trapezoid Imaging.

Probe Connector: Five Active

Probe Frequency: Frequency range of 1-17MHz (depending on probe.)

Gain Control: Overall Gain Control, 8 step TGC

Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD

Image Depth: 1 to 45 cm

Advance Technology: eSRI, eView, eHI, eBeam, eTAI, eBoost, eOptimized – One key optimization, eTouch – Efficient ‘Swipe’,Auto IMT, PW Auto Trace, Prospective / Retrospective Clip, Digital Zoom, Full Screen Zoom, eNeedle, Anatomic M mode, TDI mode-Tissue Doppler Imaging, 3D/4D Imaging, eLearn Instruction software

Peripherals: S Video, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet

Optional Features: 3D/4D, eFACE, TDI, Anatomic M mode, in-Built battery, Gel Warmer, eNeedle for Needle Visualization, Digital gesture control.